The Faux Scholar

The purpose of this PAGE:

This new post, page, etc… is intended as a resource to find information on and about various Digital Stories, and a to provoke discourse on Digital Stories.  I am writing as a “Faux” Scholar-What does that mean? Well this site was created because of a class I took called, “VISUAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES”-What does THAT mean? I’m still trying to figure it all out.  So this site is born from that place of insecurity, doubt and fear.  I will own it- I will own the fact that as a M.A. candidate at CGU, I feel like I am a phony, swimming through a murky pool of theory.  So when it was time for the final project on “Digital Stories” from our beloved (yes she will be reading this) professor Juhasz, I sat down, and thought, “well what the hell is a digital story again?, what am I supposed to do?”  Hence I came up with this site.  I thought, well maybe I’m an idiot, maybe I just don’t get it, I am a fraud…ahhh but wait…In class I remember Dr. Juhasz, asking the class, “Does anyone have any questions about the final project?” and I looked around for someone to say something, and no one did, and I thought F@#$! So then I asked, “Umm what are we supposed to do?” or something like that, and then I heard people sigh and nod their heads in approval, they are just as lost as I am, I just said it out loud! Phew, maybe I’m not a fraud…who cares-Ok so that’s how this space was created, moving on-
(Don’t ask me what happened to this next paragraph, I hate technology)

As a result from our class discussions, I have decided to peer more closely into the world of digital stories and examine what elements makes a digital story. I have one video from YouTube on my, it is of some media students trying to find out what makes a digital story. They interview people from fellow students, a professor and almost anyone they come into contact with. This video didn’t really help to answer the question, as much as it illustrated the fact that it is a hard question to answer, to a certain degree.

A simple google search will also flood your search engine with many links.

After looking at both a video and this link from Helen Barter PH.D, I am still perplexed.  Apparently they are personal narratives, with or without music, about 3-5 minutes long.

But what do they tend to be about, well almost anything.  Many people use them to catalog or chronicle their life, or an aspect of their personal story, family stories, a family member, or history.  However upon closer inspection into the world of D.S. a.k.a. digital stories, I found some digital stories with some socially aware themes.

What is there value?  Why do people make them? Can these be used to challenge the system of injustice, oppression and racism?  Let’s investigate.


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