Social Justice Digital Story

This is just one of the many videos labeled as a digital story and has the tag: digital story as well as “social justice”, which i googled. One reason I found this piece so interesting was how the storyteller was disembodied. “Stela” is not narrating the piece, nor does the viewer ever really know what she looks like. The piece has three main levels to it. First the narration is captioned, the images vary from art pieces to photographs, and finally the music serves another purpose.

Starting with the captioned narration, this seems to be a seldom used or at least unique aspect to digital story telling. The words are simple, no real jargon, and they are spread out through the piece and placed over some powerful images, to illustrate her thesis. As a teacher Stela seems very interested in having her piece be able to user-friendly to her audience, I imagine that being her students, parents, and others that may or may not be familiar with D.S. or with what her “journey” was.
Another aspect that helped her accessibility was her use of art and images, both served as a depicting her captions as well as conveying her role as a teacher. FInally the music she picked also helped make her piece current, using a somewhat contemporary pop song. And her choice to keep one song throughout the entire piece made the various themes that she touches on the focus, as opposed to the song.


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