Bourdieu and my dad should go bowling

This is a slightly different version of the doc on my home page…But since I have not said anything directly about this video I decided to include it here…and something that relates to who my father is and how he spoke to me and still speaks to  me…

I remember at a young age on vacation my father reading the book, To Kill A Mockingbird and I also remember when I was in high school reading this book and thinking of my father.  I had no idea then what he was reading I just wanted him to watch me play in the sand bother him.  Little did I know how intelligent my father was, I simply thought he was a god, you know like a demi-god, not the almighty one-

He was my inspiration.  I remember him telling me when it was time for me to go to community college, that only 12% of Latinas transfer to a University.  And that it took three generations for people to get out of poverty.  In all the readings from my education courses at CGU, I cannot recall stories of working class parents telling their children statistics to motivate them to continue their education.  From this I am forced to ask myself, was my father an accident, an anomaly, an outlier? The social structure I find myself in today tells me yes.  Somehow my father was able to maneuver through the system, despite his habitus. Learning as he went along, and he was the able to pass that information on to me.  My father was of course not middle class, and our recreation, when he had time between shifts was an outing to the movies.  This was a very special time of bonding for us and ultimately would lead to me studying media and film in particular. He worked two full time jobs, seven days a week, and when he could find a few hours in between shifts he would take me, “to see a flick”.  The movies gave my father an escape from a labor-intensive life, I was able to spend time with father for only a couple hours, but to me it was a lifetime.  I remember every film we saw together, from “Jungle Book” to “Schindler’s List”. According to Bourdieu leisure activities very greatly between the classes and high and low art, however cinema going can be very revealing about one’s class.

“Of all cultural activities, cinema attendance in its common form is the one that is least closely linked to level of education, as to concert-going, which is a rarer activity than reading or theatre-going, the fact remains that, as is shown by the statistics for art-cinema attendance, the cinema, as a tendency to acquire the power of social distinction that belongs to traditionally approved arts.”

(Bourdieu, 1973-p.76)

I guess my dad knew what the hell is was doing-


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  • 1. Amanda  |  June 22, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Very well Edited Julie. I’m not sure what the raw material looked like, but very well edited. Your writing ties very nicely with the piece too. Can’t wait to read your thesis…and your novel…


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