“Motivated, not White”

This YouTube Clip, has more than one digital story, but I will only focus on the first story, about “Ruby”. Ruby tells the story of how she came to be.  Beginning briefly with her parents going days without water and food over the border, so she and her brother could have a better life.  The narration consists of a very well written exploration of self, she succinctly is able to tell about her unique experience.  Ruby narrates the digital story, appears in the video which is really a montage of still photos that highlight the words she speaks.  One very compelling moment to the piece was how she labeled her self, “Gringa, Whitewash” etc- These are the things that she is called as she raises her hand in class, or when she walks down the hallway at school.  Bringing the figurative idea of  labeling to a literal concept, Ruby writes these names she is called on a piece of masking tape and places them on herself.  This gesture of putting the tape on her body, really gives the piece a uniqueness, as well as giving the viewer an opportunity to relate to or empathize with Ruby.  Digital Stories such as these, on and about social justice and within communities of color, should really be given more attention.  Though of course traditional digital stories with the “typical” montages of family and a bit of sappy-ness to them are legitimate in their own right, I feel that Ruby’s video stands out as something that can be viewed by people not directly related to her, and those that could use an education on what being the “other” and being the exception to the rule scholastically means.


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