“Fairness or Civil Liberty?”


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End, Fin, Conclusions, Summary, Wrap it up…etc

Sigh, This is it!

Ok here are my final thoughts (just like Jerry Springer)

I never would have started a blog in the first place if it wasn’t for this class…let alone an academic blog.  The reason I structured my blog the way I did, was I felt that showing my work and interesting things I would find on YouTube, should in a sense stand-alone.  Yes, even though they were inspired by class discussions, I really wanted a minimalist blog, as a visual person myself, I tend to shy away from too many words on a blog right away, I feel overwhelmed by how much actual text there is…hence the pages where you can find my thoughts are located in a different area.  If we start with some of the pictures that I have selected to post, they are all pictures I have taken, and I thought that this would be a safe space to display them.  They are pictures not usually seen, as Carol noted on one of them, not you’re typical tourist picture-and that was my intention.  Another picture is of a friend, “Alex”, then about 12yrs old- She was walking on the beach and I told her to run and she did and I snapped away- If you zoom in on the picture you will see that neither foot is touching the ground, pure accident-This picture actually reminds me of the “journey” talk Erin and I had on the way to pick up her graduation clothes…I was talking about how I felt uncomfortable when I was Alex’s age, too uncomfortable to wear anything too revealing at the beach…This picture is a kind of tribute to the girl who was too scared to run with confidence.

Next we have a couple of video posts that I would like to touch on.  One is on my father, and the other myself.  To a certain degree they are both digital stories.  My father speaking answering my specific question of “do you see yourself as a success?” His response being “no, not really”.  I think that piece can stand on it’s own, if not I’ll post my paper that I wrote about it later-ish.

The second one is a very vulnerable piece for Dr.Juhasz’s Intro to video production.  This was a video diary and I would also classify it as a digital story.  Some elements that I have are sounds, and close ups.  I made this piece as much for myself as a catharsis to losing my first boyfriend and very close friend in Iraq of 2003, Oct 31-  His death has stayed with me, and at that particular moment in time, I was swimming in grief.  Perhaps this is why I have decided to make the final project on digital stories the way I have.  I wanted to find out how digital stories can be used to have people work through their own “issues” as well as what can they be used for to work through human-kind’s “issues”.

I have truly enjoyed posting videos and reading all the comments on my work.  I  think blogs are a great way for academics to explore the visual world and make more connections…however I still prefer the up close and personal human connection-But perhaps this is a start for exploring an aspect of people we don’t see when we meet them or have known them for a while.

What people do online, is like what people do “behind closed doors”, except now we see what that is…Ahhh this is post for another time!

Take care of yourself and each other (just like Jerry Springer)

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Final Destination Spoof

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Sue’s Corner: Sneaky Gays

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